Surf and SUP Schools

We operate our own schools but can also set up and/or manage operations for others

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Athlete Training

We offer the full range of athlete training in multiple sports from beginner to professional elite athlete.

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Lifeguard Training

We train professional Lifeguards to international standards to make our beaches and aquatic environments as safe as possible

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Skills Training

We run programs aimed specifically for increasing and developing Aquatic Skills whether for recreational pursuits or to enable someone to enter the industry in a professional capacity

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Beach Management

We can manage beaches or set up  professional Beach Management Plans to ensure safe responsible beach environments are provide for beach users

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Consultancy and Advice

We offer consultancy for government, industry, business and individual. We provide advice to assist with setting up, managing, operating or the structure of all facets of the aquatic industry and operations.

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Mission Statement

To provide the most professional aquatic services in the Indian tourism, recreation, sports and water safety industries to international world best standards in an array of services and operations throughout the states of India


  • To provide India with world best practices in the fields of aquatic sports principally
  • To develop, build and grow the Indian aquatic recreational industry
  • Provide development opportunities for individuals for
    • Health, fitness and enjoyment
    • To increase personal skills
    • To provide employment options
    • As athletes through athlete development programs and pathways
  • To provide social benefits through training and employment with a focus on the lower castes with the goal of improving their futures and providing a better future life for them and their families


Next Steps...

Please contact us if there is anything that we can do to assist you in the aquatic industry

What We Offer